May 29, 2018

Welcome to Sylvia Pilates Studio with an Artistic Canvass

Hello and welcome to the new and revised Sylvia Studio brand. We are happy to have you join us as we work to develop a different offering to clients and prospective customers. Sylvia’s is offering detailed information and services regarding Pilates. We want to discuss the Pilates reformer for exercise as well as moves on the mat. We want to talk about how the method also known as Contrology as referred to by the creator of the form of exercise, Joseph H. Pilates called it.

There are many forms of Pilates. We work to incorporate classical training with a more modern approach that still holds true to Pilates’ original theory about movement and his six principles including precision, breath, control, centering, concentration,and flow in no particular order. We would also include balance within those concepts.

So stay with us as we develop our site and prepare for your indoctrination into Pilates.

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